Raised in the era of the war on drugs my classmates and I  frequently used to go to the school auditorium to hear a presentation about the evils of cannabis.

      Now there is a presentation of the truth about the medicinal benefits of this plant the truth about its ease of growing the truth of doing it yourself.  Bayer pharmaceuticals (Bayer bought Monsanto recently) seems to think its worth the millions of dollars they are investing in it. (more on that in class)

     After serving in the Army and graduating from Ohio State with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and soon relocated to San Francisco in 1997. While working and doing theater I've met people that were sick and they praised the medicinal effects of cannabis and general enhancement of their quality of life. The tip of the iceberg is what I knew about cannabis in 1997.                                         

    In 2011, while living in Las Vegas, I flew to Oakland to attend America's first Cannabis college in Oakland, California, Oaksterdam University.  My mind was opened to the full potential of Cannabis. One reason I went there was to learn to grow, Ed Rosenthal taught the horticulture class!  I took 18 individual classes there that covered the various outlets of the industry. Coupled with learning to cook and make tinctures, capsules, edibles and lotion I couldn't wait to get started one I did, I never looked back, except in my notes or for a recipe.

    Once I received my Medical Marijuana Card in Nevada I began making tinctures, edibles, cannabis caps,  lotions and salves myself.  I have treated friends arthritis, depression, muscle pain, back pain (many complain of this one and how opioids and NSAIDs  are not being kind to their bodies), bronchitis, respiratory ailments, headaches, eczema. I've recommended medicines and treatment for prostate cancer and Alzheimers disease.


  I am excited to teach you the full potential of this plant.


The Instructor